Stake And Chill Carnival

Up, Up and $SWAY!

Stake $SWAY on PlotX to earn a 4-digit APY. Hurry up, early stakers get the maximum benefits.

200k $SWAY tokens up for grabs.

Here’s how to earn $SWAY on PlotX:

  1. Predict on PlotX in any market in the offer duration to enter the daily leaderboard
  2. Top 50 people on the leaderboard will share a reward pool of 3,300 SWAY everyday
  3. The reward pool will be shared between the top 50 people on the following basis:
      • Rank 1 = 10.00% of daily pool share = 330 SWAY
      • Rank 2 = 10.00% of daily pool share = 330 SWAY
      • Rank 3 = 10.00% of daily pool share = 330 SWAY
      • Rank 4-10 = 26.00% of daily pool share total ~ 122.57 SWAY per person
      • Rank 11-30 = 24.00% of daily pool share total = 39.6 SWAY per person
  4. Every winner’s cumulative $SWAY will be auto-staked on their behalf to earn a dynamic APY

Stake $SWAY on PlotX

  • Stake $SWAY on PlotX and earn crazy APY!
  • Staked & earned tokens will be auto compounded for maximum returns
  • Funds can be withdrawn at the end of the offer period

Offer Duration:

  • Start time: 1:30 PM UTC, 6th December 2021
  • End time: 1:30 PM UTC, 5th January 2022


$SWAY is the token behind is a micro-service and marketplace for NFTs created from social media content and a creator economy platform where creators and fans come together through the $SWAY token.

PlotX has partnered with to bring you even more reasons to #PredictOnPlotX. Earn 266.92% APY in $SWAY simply by predicting on PlotX.

$SWAY rewards come on top of your regular prediction rewards and are auto staked to get you an additional APY of 266.92%

You can earn $SWAY in two ways:

  1. Predict & Earn – Predict on PlotX and earn from a daily pool of $SWAY based on your total prediction amount in a day
  2. Stake & Earn – $SWAY holders can stake their $SWAY on PlotX and earn even more $SWAY daily based on their stake.

You can earn $SWAY tokens simply by making a prediction on PlotX, irrespective of whether you win or lose.

To make a prediction, you just need to have one of the payment cryptocurrencies (MAT/USDC/USDT/DAI/WETH/PLOT) on Polygon.

Daily rewards of 1600 SWAY will be distributed to all the predictors on PlotX every day which will then be auto staked on their behalf.

A user’s share of $SWAY will be based on the amount with which they predicted vs the total prediction volume on the platform for the day. So, the more you predict, the more you earn.

The program will end on 5th December 2021 8:30 a.m. UTC

Community Voice

A strong community of 53K on Telegram, Discord & Twitter, being nurtured since 2020

Australia | 2 years in crypto

Making price prediction is addictive and quite a lot of fun. Moreover, the community is great and the team listens.

UK | 3 years in crypto

Love the magic wallet: a great bit of tech. Gasless transactions are a game changer. This is going to be huge in the future.

India | 2 years in crypto

Man, the app is so awesome! Loving the new coins


$PLOT is a non-refundable functional utility token which is used as the medium of exchange between participants on the PlotX prediction market protocol.

PLOT Head Alpha Challenge

Predict on the PlotX App using PLOT and the most profitable accounts  are rewarded from a prize pool worth $3000 in bPLOTs.

Weekly Rewards:

  • Rank 1: $750 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 2: $500 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 3: $350 worth bPLOTs

Daily Rewards:

  • Rank 1: $75 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 2: $50 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 3 to 5: $25 worth bPLOTs each

For More Details:

Join the tribe: Discord