PlotX CryptoBack Week

It’s the festive week and the season of savings. It’s that time of the year when bargain hunters are on the lookout for the hottest deals and the buck stops at PlotX Cryptoback Week.

#PredictOnPlotX without any gas fees, and now without any prediction fees either.


  • Complete 5 predictions on PlotX  within the offer period to be eligible for the offer (if you’ve already made 5 predictions, you’re already eligible)
  • Whatever prediction fee is deducted from your predictions in the offer duration will be reimbursed in full on 2nd December 2021.
  • The offer is applicable for all users, new and existing!
  • The minimum amount that can be reimbursed has to be greater than the gas fees required to make the reimbursement transaction on Polygon on 2nd December 2021

Offer Duration: 25th Nov - 30th Nov

Additional Benefits:

👉 Exclusive Thanksgiving Offer

Liquidity in the Rapid Market to be tripled. Enjoy Higher Liquidity, Higher Rewards

Duration: 25th Nov – 30th Nov ‘21

👉 Exclusive Black Friday Deal

Get a 200% discount on your prediction fees in hourly markets on 26 Nov ‘21

Duration: 1 day

👉 Exclusive Cyber Monday Deal

Get a 200% discount on your prediction fees in daily & weekly markets on 29 Nov 21

Duration: 1 day

Days will be considered in the UTC timezone

Community Voice

A strong community of 53K on Telegram, Discord & Twitter, being nurtured since 2020

Australia | 2 years in crypto

Making price prediction is addictive and quite a lot of fun. Moreover, the community is great and the team listens.

UK | 3 years in crypto

Love the magic wallet: a great bit of tech. Gasless transactions are a game changer. This is going to be huge in the future.

India | 2 years in crypto

Man, the app is so awesome! Loving the new coins


$PLOT is a non-refundable functional utility token which is used as the medium of exchange between participants on the PlotX prediction market protocol.

PLOT Head Alpha Challenge

Predict on the PlotX App using PLOT and the most profitable accounts  are rewarded from a prize pool worth $3000 in bPLOTs.

Weekly Rewards:

  • Rank 1: $750 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 2: $500 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 3: $350 worth bPLOTs

Daily Rewards:

  • Rank 1: $75 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 2: $50 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 3 to 5: $25 worth bPLOTs each

For More Details:

Join the tribe: Discord