October Fest

It is time to make your October more vibrant with the October Fest. Predict non-stop and stand a chance to win from a reward pool of $500. The reward pool will be distributed among the top 10 predictors.


  • 10 predictors with the highest total prediction amount in a week will share a reward pool of $500 worth of bPLOT every week in the month of October!
  • 4 weekly pools will be created in October Fest on:
    • 1st October
    • 8th October
    • 15th October
    • 22nd October
  • The leaderboard will reset at the start of every week, so you will have the opportunity to steal the top prize 4 different times.

October Fest: week 2 winners

October Fest: week 1 winners

Community Voice

A strong community of 53K on Telegram, Discord & Twitter, being nurtured since 2020

Australia | 2 years in crypto

Making price prediction is addictive and quite a lot of fun. Moreover, the community is great and the team listens.

UK | 3 years in crypto

Love the magic wallet: a great bit of tech. Gasless transactions are a game changer. This is going to be huge in the future.

India | 2 years in crypto

Man, the app is so awesome! Loving the new coins


$PLOT is a non-refundable functional utility token which is used as the medium of exchange between participants on the PlotX prediction market protocol.

PLOT Head Alpha Challenge

Predict on the PlotX App using PLOT and the most profitable accounts  are rewarded from a prize pool worth $3000 in bPLOTs.

Weekly Rewards:

  • Rank 1: $750 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 2: $500 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 3: $350 worth bPLOTs

Daily Rewards:

  • Rank 1: $75 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 2: $50 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 3 to 5: $25 worth bPLOTs each

For More Details:

Join the tribe: Discord https://discord.com/invite/8CWNQnG