Mission Statement

Why are we building Plotus?

Plotus is a name derived from the Greek God of Wealth, named Ploutus. The vision with Plotus is to enable communities across the globe in responsible wealth generation – wealth that can solve the toughest challenges faced by the mankind today. The idea behind combining hourly stock predictions using cryptocurrencies was born with the realization of how badly mankind is being impacted by epidemics like Coronavirus. 

In a recent study, it was predicted that over 25 million deaths will over due to the Coronavirus and all major cities will be quarantined for atleast 3-6 months with business houses taking the hit across the world. In situations like these, are we to blame anyone? 

The blame game can continue, but there’s no winner. Plotus wants to change this. Plotus wants to put the power of wealth generation back in the hands of each human, while also ensuring sustainability at every step.

Donations are for weak, Wealth Generation is for strong.

You speak out the word donation, and the world perceives you as weak. With Plotus, we are changing the way donations are seen. When experts use Plotus, not only they have a chance to generate wealth for themselves, but they also enable communities to benefit from a decentralized fund where money doesn’t flow as donation, but instead as part of the wealth being generated at every prediction. 

What can you do with Plotus?

The coronavirus scare has sent the global markets tumbling with the current volatility reaching historic levels. The Dow Jones industrial average, for example, had both its biggest single-day point decline (1,191 on Feb. 27) and its biggest gain (1,294 on March 3) in a single week.  

This volatility presents itself as a great opportunity for people to take a position in the market if they feel that the market will go higher (long position) or will fall (short position). Using Plotus, people can buy such positions using ETH. By predicting correctly, they are able to instantly gain and some of these funds earned can be used to help those in distress. All transactions are made using ETH. 

A certain amount of funds, part of the reward pool are earmarked for donations to prominent organizations working to help people affected by tragedies like the Coronavirus. 

All transactions are performed via Blockchain utilizing smart contracts that are completely transparent, immutable and decentralized. This ensures that all positions taking transactions or reward distributions are completely transparent and free of intermediaries. 

We are were excited to have you use our platform and our bad sense of homour and love for crypto makes it difficult to us to not say: Join us and do your bit(coin). Bad word play. Do you bit, that’s it.

You can read more about how our platfrom works here. 


$PLOT is a non-refundable functional utility token which is used as the medium of exchange between participants on the PlotX prediction market protocol.

PLOT Head Alpha Challenge

Predict on the PlotX App using PLOT and the most profitable accounts  are rewarded from a prize pool worth $3000 in bPLOTs.

Weekly Rewards:

  • Rank 1: $750 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 2: $500 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 3: $350 worth bPLOTs

Daily Rewards:

  • Rank 1: $75 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 2: $50 worth bPLOTs
  • Rank 3 to 5: $25 worth bPLOTs each

For More Details:

Join the tribe: Discord https://discord.com/invite/8CWNQnG